Prep Work Complete. Due to Depart Next Week.

clothes1Preparations are complete. We rest while waiting for a weather window that will allow the plane to depart for ALE basecamp at Union Glacier, Antarctica.
Hours Traveled: 0
Todays Mileage: 0
Distance to pole: 2554 miles
Temperature: High 51F, Low 37F
Elevation: 112 Feet
Transcription of  voice message:
Hi this is Chris calling in from Punta Arena, Chile again,  and this is our update for today. All of our gear and food and everything is now sitting in a warehouse all packed up and ready to go on the airplane. So we do not have any more of that to do. It’s great. We  now have a few days to relax and just rest up, because we got a report that the weather is not looking so good in Antarctica right now for flights to land. We will not be able to depart until Monday at the earliest. We’ll see how that turns out. In the mean time we thought we would answer a couple of questions for you today. We have been asked a couple of basic questions that we actually created some videos for back when we were in the United States, and wanted to direct you to where those are.

The questions we are answering are: What will you eat in Antarctica? How do you cook in Antarctica?  What technology will you use in Antarctica?  And finally What clothes will you wear in Antarctic?  These are a couple of minute videos that answer the questions. And you can find those at our website at   Check out those videos and you’ll get the answers to all of those questions.

And if you have a question you’d like to submit, you can do that by going to our education page and it has a Submit Your Question area (box on the right hand side of the screen) and then we’ll see if we can answer those in our blog as we go along.

I do want to give a special shout out to Mrs. Piper’s 3rd grade class at Opstad Elementary School. I know they’ve been following along every day and we really appreciate that, along with a lot of you other folks that are following every day. Keep on following, really love that and that’s it for today. Signing off and we’ll be back with you tomorrow. Thanks, bye.

Listen to the audio version of the Fagan’s dispatch from Punta Arenas, Chile:
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  • Susan Geiger

    Hi guys. Susan, Hannah and Rye here. (Danny is still in Florida working on the boat.) We just finished a late Saturday morning breakfast and are checking on your progress. Rye has a question that I’m going to put on the education page. Hannah says hi. I’m sure that you must be going a little crazy with the waiting, so I’m sending you wishes of patience (not mine, of course, because I don’t have any :)). Hope you are able to enjoy these “rest” days. Love you.

    • Chris Fagan

      Susan, thanks for your message. We’re not going too crazy yet, we are enjoying a little down time and are trying to eat lots of good food and get plenty of sleep. We are feeling patient so far – hopefully we can get out early this coming week.

  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Oh no … the waiting would be driving me batty. Keep calm and drink lots of tea. xox

    • Chris Fagan

      Yes, we are drinking lots of tea!

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