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Whether drawing from polar adventuring, ultra running, paddling or mountaineering – or sharing insights gained from decades in the field of innovation and creative thinking – each keynote blends inspiration with activation. Through her interactive presentation style and enthusiastic personality, Chris leaves audiences feeling energized, ready to embrace new mindsets and fresh ideas that work.

Keynote Topics

Find Your Own South Pole: Breakthrough to Possible

Chris shares the compelling story of her history-making quest in Antarctica with her husband. Two parents with careers and family responsibilities prove that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when they reach the South Pole after traveling 570 miles over 48 days. Learn valuable lessons for how you can breakthrough to possible.

The Expedition Mindset: Best Practices to Accomplish Hard Goals

Chris’ resume of accomplishing hard goals is extensive—reaching the South Pole in Antarctica, summiting Denali in Alaska, running 100-mile races up and down mountain trials, growing a successful business, and writing a riveting book. This talk inspires audiences with engaging examples and stories, and empowers them with a toolbox of simple practices to help accomplish hard goals.

Unleashing Your Grit: A Superpower for Success

Research shows what Chris has demonstrated throughout her life—that hard work and grit are key drivers of success. How do you activate your inner grit? And how do you sustain it over the long haul? In this talk, Chris shares compelling research, engaging personal stories, and best practices for unleashing your grit as a superpower for success.

The Adventure-Innovation Connection

Through decades of adventuring in the wild and working with Fortune 500 companies as an innovation and creative thinking consultant, Chris has discovered key strategies and mindsets that lead to success are the same for pursuits of adventure and innovation in business. Learn how to harness these practices, and find out why hiking in the woods might just make you a better entrepreneur.

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What people are saying:

  • "Amazing! Besides delivering an inspiring presentation filled with passion, Chris provided three actionable strategies to help me increase my success at work."

    Marketing VP Quaker Oats
  • "One word describes Chris – amazing! When she spoke to our group, everyone got it! She spoke with such energy and inspiration and broke it down to make success doable for our team of sales consultants. Her personality and techniques speak to everyone. Her positive, interactive keynote delivered immediate results."

    Sales Manager Partylite
  • "I am so thrilled to have gotten to hear Chris speak today. Chris, you were absolutely inspiring and I so appreciate everything you shared! You are a delight!"

    Mortgage Banker WestStar Pacific Mortgage
  • "I’d like to say how much I enjoyed hearing you speak. I learned so much. I also really appreciated how genuine you were. It was so refreshing to hear your stories and know it was all coming from your heart."

    Special Event Manager Encompass

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