Marty’s last cup of coffee.

Day 45-DSC_2917-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Miles traveled: 13.1
Total miles traveled: 536.4
Miles to pole: 39.4
Elevation: 9114 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s Chris, Team 3 below zero, Day 45. Well, we have three days to go, which sounds like a piece of cake and probably under any other circumstances that would be the case. Thirty three point four miles left, once we have to do this three miles away from the pole and three miles back. You go around certain scientific areas that we can’t enter. So we really actually have thirty nine miles.

But anyway about thirteen miles a day sounds like a piece of cake especially for ultra-runners but you know, not really out here since it’s getting really cold. It’s dangerous cold for us since we’re depleted and you can get dehydrated clearly and then you can get frostbite easily. So we’re really paying attention to those details right now and trying to get, make sure we’re safe and healthy when we get there.

Day 45-image1So right now it’s -17 out and with the wind chill it’s -35 Fahrenheit. (Editor’s note; exposed skin freezes almost instantly at – 40.) So, definitely cold., and you know, we’re really mentally and physically drained you know, after forty five days. So even looking at a, heavens, tomorrow at eight, another eight or nine hour day, this is really extremely difficult. So were pulling everything we can here for the next three days to get to the pole.

So we originally packed forty five days of food, so now we’re gonna be on rations that we either saved or pulled out of other days. Tomorrow for breakfast we’re gonna have our mountain house freeze dried cheese cake. So actually that will be kind of fun, something different for change, And, and Marty’s last coffee, his last cup of joe, which is what he loves to have in the morning to start his day so he’s kinda sad about that.

Anyway, I’m hoping I can get my goggles to stop freezing instantly when they get condensation on them because that’s been driving me nuts for the last couple of days. But otherwise we’re doing good. We’re just trying to stay focused for the last three days. All right, that what’s happening. Bye people.

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  • Dina

    Ok. Mental and physical strain: tough, concerned about you, have good faith in your abilities to power through. Cold injury to face: holy cow, crazy, kind of scary, cool residual scar to show off, you have aloe or something. Marty farts in tent: gross, ha ha, strong marriage, etc. Food rationing: yikes, concerned about you, mirages of pasta smorgasbords. End of coffee rations: CALAMITY!!!!

  • Fiona Himka

    Our prayers are with you and stay strong we know you can do it. Your North Bend friends.

  • Kimiko Uemura

    Wow! Super! Super! You guys are Super Stars!! Almost there, I am having F5 Coffee and missing to see Marty @ kitchen; other early bird. But today I found you! Yeah~ Hey, keep going.

  • VAN

    May be you see a Polar’s Starbuck in the next few miles 🙂


  • Emily Castle

    Hi Guys-
    Ms. Castle from SJS here! Just wanted to share that I’m sending as much energy and warmth as I can through this blog post. I hope it will give you some extra motivation to know that Keenan’s doing great in class. He wrote an EXCELLENT creative writing piece about segregation in the south in 1950s. Good news: he’s been selected to share the writing with the school in our class’ MLK assembly next week. I’m really proud of the work he’s done, especially in your absence. It’s a testament to your parenting that his endurance is so strong.
    Beat out this weather and those last miles nice and steady and get home to us safely! You are in our hearts and prayers.
    Emily Castle

  • Mary Thatcher Roth

    Hang in there! You got this! Stay strong and believe. Prayers and positive energy being sent. Take care. ~ Mary

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