I really need a shower.

Day 46-DSC_2920-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Miles traveled: 13.2
Total miles traveled: 548.1
Miles to pole: 20.4
Elevation: 9208 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hey everybody, Marty and Chris here. I’m gonna talk kinda quick so I can squeeze this all in. Day 46, uh, it was uh, you know Antarctica lets me know that no matter how long we have been out here everyday is different. So, today we had, the winds were kind of at our back. It was about -15F and we were hot for most of the day trying to regulate our temperature, sticky snow, just completely overheating trying to struggle through the sticky snow. It feels like you’re pulling the sled up hill.

At about six hours into the day it got cloudy, low visibility and it got sort of a white out. You start to feel a little nausea because you can’t tell up from down. Chris and I know what we did today was instead of swapping leads every hour, we kinda swapped leads on who was the strongest and both of us had good periods of strength and it went well. We pushed out 9.5 hours.

You know the day, you know you go through periods of complete exhaustion followed by a short bursts. I honestly have never done anything so physically, mentally, or emotionally more difficult than this. The ups and downs are just major. But we are so close. We are really, I can’t say we’re quite excited yet. We might be excited when we see the pole.

This real quick too, we were calling Keenan every two nights. We are calling him every night now and that’s really been a lot of fun. He’s really perked up. We told him to make a list and plan for two months of anything he wants to do on the weekends, movies, games, food. So he’s totally excited about that, two months of hanging with Mom and Dad.

And I just wanna thank everyone for following along. It’s really been a big boost to us. Thank you so much. And, oh, one more thing, I really need, forty six days, I really need a shower. Thanks a lot everybody, bye.

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