Day 47. South Pole Station on the far horizon.

Day 47-DSC_2922-smallHours traveled: 9
Miles traveled: 12.1
Total miles traveled: 560.2
Miles to pole 14.5
Elevation: 9293

Translation from voicemail: Hi, this is Chris, Team 3 Below Zero, Day 47. Well, the day started out with beautiful sundog, a rainbow around the sun and we had really nice sunshine and low winds today, which was really great. And about three hours into our day I was staring really hard at the horizon and I thought I saw something shimmering that looked different than snow and just as I was sort of looking I tripped and fell because I wasn’t watching where I was skiing. And then a few minutes later Marty and I both saw parts of the South Pole Station, (Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station).

Day 47-image1And it was so interesting. It was sixteen miles away and we could see, we could see it. And it, it, the station came in and out of view, sort of all day, as the terrain ebbed and flowed. Tonight from our tent we cannot actually see it but we know it’s there, enticing us to come, and come and see it closer tomorrow. So seeing the South Pole Station was, was just amazing. It was just so uplifting and we just couldn’t stop staring at it. You know to see our goal after forty seven days. It’s pretty amazing. It was really surreal to see a man made object on the horizon when all we’ve seen for forty seven days is white snow, various versions of white snow, and a few mountain ranges. So that was pretty amazing.

And as the day went on, as we got closer, It seemed to get colder and colder. We just took the temperature and right now outside it’s -18 but with the wind chill it’s -47 Fahrenheit. So we are really hoping it’s not going to be windy tomorrow. Because that’s gonna be a cold day.

But our focus for the rest of the evening to finished eating, have a little dessert, and sleep as much as possible, try to be rested for our big day tomorrow. We are very excited. But it’s tempered excitement because it’s still a lot of work to get there. But tomorrow hopefully in twelve to fourteen miles we’ll be there. So looking forward to a blog tomorrow.

Want to give a shout out to the 3 Below Zero team, Brett Nunn, Leni Karr. Lindsey Larson and Sue Mocker. Everybody has been doing so much for us. And there’s a lot of other people too. Thank you so much, and we’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye.

(Second Photo is of sundog  – rainbow around sun — didnt show up too well.)

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