Day 44: White Out Party

Day 44-DSC_2915-smallDay 44. Google voicemail did not transmit today due to technical difficulties. However, below is a photo that came through today. See below.

Chris and Marty continue towards the pole.
Hours traveled: 9
Miles traveled: 11.9
Total miles traveled: 522.8
Distance to south pole: 46.6
Day 44-image1


Here is the blog post that originally didn’t transmit (text only, no audio):

Today Antarctica decided to throw us a white out part – that’s right, all white, all the time.  White sky.  Skiing all day in a white cloud.  Staring all day at our compasses to find our way.  Even my goggles were frosted over with white most of the day!  If only our cloths were white, it would be like we were invisible.

So we plodded along in the whiteness, thinking it would lift soon, but we were treated to a full 9 hours straight of it.  What a white out party it was!  I can’t wait to see what Antarctica has in store for us over the next 4 days.  These are exciting times for sure.

Now we are in the tent eating our white potato soup and dreaming of colors.

Today’s shout out goes to our son Keenan.  I can’t stop thinking about seeing him very soon.  He’s definitely motivating us to get to the pole!


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