It’s nice to be out of the wind and eating warm food.

Day 16-DSC_2850-small Day 16Hours traveled: 9
Miles traveled: 12.5
Total miles traveled: 180.8
Elevation: 3725 feet
Temperature:  – 10 F with wind chill.

Translation from voicemail: Team 3belowzero, day 16. Well, I have to admit today I felt a little out of sorts. Maybe it was I didn’t get enough sleep or maybe was working hard for sixteen days straight. Maybe it was the fifteen, ten to fifteen mile per hour winds that we we’re heading into all day long or maybe the fact that my ipod battery died after one hour. Whatever the reason for the nine hours of skiing today I never got into a groove.

When I got into the tent I thought of a journal entry I made a couple of days ago that was quite a contrast to today and so I thought I’d share. Just pick a few of the words from that journal entry. This was from a couple days ago. And this says I kicked the day off listening to Christmas mix. Mostly songs by Jim Brickman accompanied by various singers. But the song, People get ready, there’s a train a coming, that one. When that came on it instantly took hold of my mind and body. You know how songs can do that sometimes, transport you, completely in the moment, in the flow, feeling my body power uphill, effortlessly hauling my sled. And more, it seemed to be a portal, even to my very soul. I became a swirling whirlpool of emotions mixed with tears and laughter. I felt so alive, full of energy, thankful to be here. Marty skied behind me in his own world. But here I was experiencing this moment to the fullest, pure happiness, what a gift.

Well, that was two days ago, quite a contrast to today. But I’d like to just keep that in mind. And remember that there’s gonna be days when you have that kind experience and other days where it’s just getting through the day.

So, what I wanted to do is give a shout out today to our friend and mentor Keith Heger from Polar Explorers. He did, we did a lot of training with him and we want to thank him for that. Also one of the pieces of advice he gave us is to make sure we have fun so that kinda rang true today for me as I was thinking about trying to have fun today even though I was struggling a bit. But we’re back in the tent and eating some warm food and pretty excited to be warm and out of the wind. That’s it for today. Have a great evening or day and we will be back with you tomorrow. Thank you, bye bye.

Marty reports via email that they have only 18.6 miles before their big left hand turn to the pole.

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  • Kristin Pastoriza

    Hi Marty & Chris! Sounds like a true mix of emotions…you are truly living life to it’s fullest! I just wanted to let you know that the Christmas Concert for St. Joe’s was awesome last night! Keenan did such an amazing job in Advanced Band. He was all smiles, just beaming from that stage. My favorite part was watching him play Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter. I remember hearing him play it for the first time on the piano when we were in the capitol building in Olympia when the kids were in 4th grade, and also how he dressed up as Draco Malfoy for Halloween. And watching the kids run through the Harry Potter exhibit at Pacific Science Ctr years ago. They have all come a long way. You have a wonderful son…a testament to wonderful parents! Keep on plugging guys! We are pulling for you here in the Snoqualmie Valley!

  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Beautiful example of going with the feelings rather than fighting them…thank you for sharing. I’m inspired. Sending you big cyber hugs, love and light on your journey.

    • Chris Fagan

      Thank you! Glad you liked the post.

  • Carolyn Anderson

    Hey guys! I hope that you’re keeping those positive thoughts today. Chris, I totally get your being spurred on by music. In 2008 I went to a Judas Priest concert a few days before WR50 and ran the race listening to ‘Electric Eye’ in my head, over and over again. Best. Race. Ever! So keep that Christmas mix turned on in your brain (brains never totally run out of batteries, at least 😉 ! We’re thinking about you all the time. Do have fun!

    • Chris Fagan

      Yes! Thankfully brains don’t run on batteries! Thanks for the note!

  • Chase

    Eye of the Tiger Marty and Chris! EYE OF THE TIGER!

  • Dina Gosse

    Glad to see everything is progressing onward and southward! I also was wondering about the time zone, not that it probably matters that much to your daily routine overall. You are amazing and inspiring, and I am glad to see that all of your planning and training has been brought to life!

  • rachel shephard

    I love that song! I have it on an Eva Cassidy album. Keep up the good work. You’re nearly at Thiels Corner and doing great!

  • Brian Wilson

    Hey Chris and Marty –

    Great job so far. It is exciting being able to follow along. It is giving some minor flashbacks to being on Denali – the Mountain House, the tent (the lunar module in Marty’s case), plodding along during the day, etc.

    It appears the weather has been relatively good for your guys, other than the wind that you have mentioned. Are you guys planning on taking any rest days? Or are you assuming that you will have some weather delays at some point and will get extra rest at that time?

    Stay warm and keep smiling!!!

  • Keith heger

    Thanks for the shout out! I look forward to your daily updates. With you in spirit on your daily journey. Keep laughing and enjoying.

    Cheers Keith

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