How to take a bath in Antarctica

DAy 15-DSC_2848-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Miles traveled: 13.4
Total miles traveled: 168.3
Elevation: 3560 feet

Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s Chris and Marty calling in on day 15 and today I wanted to tell you a little bit about how much we love our satellite phone. Yes, we are really thankful that we have this so that we can actually contact and do these voice blogs everyday. And we were thinking how it’s amazing that the early polar explorers, you know they would go out for months or even years on a expedition with no contact with the outside world. And here we are connecting with this blog every single day.

You know the main reason we have a satellite phone is, of course, for safety. We can call in our position to some folks every single day so people know where we are. But a couple other great things happened recently. I called my parents last night and surprised them with a phone call and they were just beside themselves with excitement to have a phone call from Antarctica. And hearing their excitement gave us a big boost of motivation and it was just so great to hear from them and to know that their whole group of folks in the Hot Springs, (Arkansas), area is pulling for us.

And then today we had a really great phone call with Saint Joseph’s School in Snoqualmie where our son Keenan attends. They had a full assembly of their fourth through eight graders, and we answered all their questions for about thirty minutes and so it was just so great to be connected with all of them. So we really appreciate our satellite phone.

day 15 Chris full facemaskAnd so I thought I’d take a chance, opportunity to answer just a couple of questions. When I talked to my dad last night he wanted me to tell, explain how we took a shower the other day I mentioned. And what we did is we boiled a thing of water and we used that along with our little wash clothes and a very small bar of soap. It was less of a shower and more of a quick wash, but it definitely felt like a shower, and it was a really great way to you feel like we’re a little bit clean.

Jack in North Bend, (Washington State) wanted to know how long we sleep. And we have been sleeping about eight to nine hours a night just to try to make sure we give our bodies enough time to recover.

And T.J. in North Bend wanted to know what our favorite food was. And Marty’s favorite food is Land O Lakes hot chocolate with his Via coffee to kick off his day, every single day. A little shout out tonight goes to my parents Jim and Helen Keenan. Thank you so much for all your love and support, awesome to have you following, and all your folks in Arkansas in Hot Springs Village. All-right, bye bye.

  • Tom Wright

    Enjoying reading your daily updates, but I haven’t quite figured out what time zone you guys are staying on, especially when it’s light 24 hours a day. Are you keeping a strict 24-hour day, and if not, how long *is* your “day” now?

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