The 84 degree mark!

Day 14-DSC_2846-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Miles traveled: 13.5
Total miles traveled: 154.9
Elevation: 3535 feet
Temperature: 10F

We had our best day yet and we crossed south of the 84 degree mark! We will stay on the bearing for another 44 miles and then make our turn to the south! As soon as we make this turn we will start giving distance to the pole.

Translation from voice mail: Hi there, it’s Chris and Marty, Team 3belowzero and since it’s day 14. It’s time for my weekly, Marty’s weekly voice bloggee guest hosting. So today and was another day of skiing across a sea of white. So while you’re doing that for nine and a half hours you have a lot of time to think so, today I spent some of my time comparing our journey to the Lord of the Rings journey. So if you haven’t read the book or watched the movie I suggest you at least read the book, because it’s really good.

So I decided while I was doing this today that Chris so far has definitely been Frodo, and I have been Sam. Chris is Frodo sort of because she seems to feel the pull of the ring a little more powerfully than me at the moment. And since Frodo kind of looks like a girl and has nice blue eyes Frodo fits better anyway with Chris.

And as far as Sam goes I am kind of just happy right now to be out here following along. Instead of pots clanking together it’s my ski tips that clank together a lot because I am not as proficient of a skier. So that’s what I decided about that.

mountain range-Day 14.image1And then, coincidentally, our fingers have swollen quite a bit so we have actually put our wedding rings on strings around our necks. So another comparison that I thought of.

And our tent, as I thought more about it, our tent is kind of like a little home in the Shire. It has the oval door and an oval shape. And when you get into into it just feels like a wonderful little homey place.

And last but not least, we also had a question that I kind of fit with this. We had a question of have we had any blisters. And we really haven’t had. We’ve each had one very tiny, one each, and I think it’s because our feet are sort of hobbit like. They’ve become sort of calloused and hard over the last thirteen years of ultra-running. We just haven’t got any blisters and it hasn’t bothered us. Our feet haven’t bothered us. Yeah, my feet, I don’t really have many toenails left either. So that helps alot.

Okay, I got just a little time left, real quick, the book on tape I listened to today was The Aviators. It’s awesome, it’s about Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles Lindbergh, and Jimmy Doolittle. Highly recommended. I’ll probably read it when I get home. I love listening to it though. And music for today I listened to a little bit today but my favorite was last of the Mohicans.

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  • Jerry Chambliss

    Upward Mobility!

  • Maren Van Nostrand

    So much fun to listen to your recordings, Marty and Chris! We are happy for your progress and looking forward to hearing more! Love from Maren, Byron and Julia

    • Chris Fagan

      Thanks for the note! Glad you like listening!

      • Maren Van Nostrand

        I can only imagine how such contact with friends would have changed our “Homelands: Kayaking….” expedition back in ’96. In those days such technologies were largely fictional, or at least only in the making. Merry Christmas to you both. We’ll light an advent candle for you.

  • Lisa Eichhorn

    I have really enjoyed your posts every day. Sounds like you guys are having the time of your life. God be with you both and your son through this journey. Keep up the good work.

    Lisa (Long) Eichhorn

    • Chris Fagan

      Thank you!

  • Matt

    Hey Marty and Chris,

    Sorry I missed your call last week. I was bummed that night and next day because I missed it.

    I can share with you that our entire team is following your adventure and that we talk about you daily. The coordinators made a name tag that read “Get Down on it” and put it on your cubicle.

    I have been emailing and giving people your website so they can follow along. Your blogs are typically the first thing I read when I wake up so I feel “in the know” and am able to give updates to all who inquire throughout the day.

    So now on to some important questions. How is K’s basketball season going? Those BBall camps from the summer paying off? They winning some games?

    Great job you two!!


  • the north face toulouse

    bookmarkеԁ!!, I loѵe your sitе!

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