Harder to stay warm even in the Sun.

Day 20-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Distance traveled: 15.1 miles
Total distance traveled: 236.6 miles
Distance to South Pole: 338 miles
Elevation: 4430 feet

Translation from voicemail: Hey there, Marty and Chris here Team 3belowzero. Marty doing the voice bloggee tonight. Chris is laying down. We’re officially both exhausted today, but we had a couple of good milestones today. Milestone one was that we crossed South 85 degrees. Were now at 85 07. And so that was a really big milestone for us.

We also, we went nine and a half hours again today. And we made just over fifteen miles. That was our biggest day in and mileage also. The whole day was sunny. But we’re trying to get accustomed, now that we’re heading south, directly south, almost directly south towards the pole, we are trying to get accustomed to the wind in our face. Our face masks Day 20-image1are iced up all day. Our jackets get iced up. Trying to keep your chest warm and your legs warm is a little more difficult, even though it’s sunny. The sun is never in front of us it’s either our left. It starts out in the morning on our left. Goes around to our back and ends up on our right, but it never goes in front of us. So that’s been a little more difficult. Although heading south the terrain is slightly easier for us in that direction.

So, but this was Day 20 and we’re still a moving along and excited to be out here and want to thank everybody for their support and help and we wish we could read the Facebook comments but we don’t have any way to look at those unfortunately. So thanks a lot and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

  • jerry chambliss

    I was wondering. You said a frontal sun would be better for you. The sun is ever present and moves from left to right and behind you as you travel along. Could you not start your day with the sun on your right causing a right to left, frontal sun?

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