Good weather, rough terrain.

Day 10-DSC_2840-smallHours traveled: 9
Miles traveled: 12.4
Total miles traveled: 103.3
Temperature: 5F
Elevation: 2755′

Translation from voicemail: Hi, it’s Team 3belowzero, day ten. And today we had some good weather again which was great but our terrain we are on was quite difficult and bumpy the entire way again. So alot of hard work and yeah, that really wore us out. I think the fatigue of the last ten days of, of hard work has really settled into our bodies because both of us are feeling pretty tired today. Kind of the treat for the day is going to be going to bed as early as possible, to try catch up on a little sleep,

We’re hoping the train lets up a little bit. I think it’s a little rougher than usual, lots of bumps and being a jerked back by the sled constantly and just always working hard. So that’s what our day looked like today. We were out there for nine hours again and covered 12.6 miles.

So, we can try out audio books for the first time today and Marty is listening to a Dirk Pitt novel Mirage. I’m sorry, not Dirk Pitt, a Clive Cussler novel usually Dirk Pitt is the star of the novels but he is not in this one, Anyway mine was Where Did You Go Bernadette? I think we almost, both of us almost got through them in the day so that was mainly (garbled) book Marty said. So that was a different way to pass the time, kind of a nice different way. Mine made me laugh and cry today, which is kind of funny. So all by myself while Marty was behind me, he didn’t even know that was going on.

Let’s see today I wanted to give a shout out to all of our friends in our neighborhood in Middle Fork Park who are following along, and helping to support Keenan and just cheer us on. We love that. And We love having such as supportive neighbors. And I’m sure you guys are getting ready to do your annual Christmas gathering soon, so I’m sure we’re gonna miss out. But will be thinking of you guys.

And any questions of the day that we want to answer today? Hmm, I don’t have any in front of me today. So I’m not gonna answer any questions. I’ll leave you with one of the quotes that I am reading up on our wall. Let’s see, we have from the Nunn family they bathe us in the white light of love and warmth from Port Townsend, Washington. Love that. Okay, signing off until tomorrow. Bye.

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  • George Forshaw

    Hi Marty & Chris, A big shout out to you both from your friends north of 49th. Love your great attitude, stay strong!! George & Gail

  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    The distance you are traveling each day is amazing. I was wondering if listening to your own voices got a bit boring, so today answered that question. Big hugs and I’ll make sure we have a ‘shout out’ and send you both lots of love and light this evening at the Snoqualmie Valley Women in Business retreat!

  • Toyo Matsumoto

    Hi, Marty and Chris: I knew you guys were trying to gain body weight for this trip. Are you able to maintain it so far? Or, do you feel that you have been losing the weight?
    Also, you trained for this trip for a long time. Would you have trained for this type of trip differently?
    Keep up with the great work!

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