Wind, wind, go away!

Day 8-DSC_2838-smallHours traveled: 8
Miles traveled: 10
Total distance covered: 77.8 miles
Elevation; 2030 feet
Temperature; 0 – 5F

Translation from voicemail: Hi, this is Team 3belowzero calling in on day eight. So I’ve got a little workout idea to spice up your workout plan. So get a note pad and write this down. Grab some backcountry skis. Now strap yourself to a 220 pound sled and start pulling that thing uphill on some bumpy snow, maybe some icy mixed in for about eight hours straight. No, that’s not all. I want you to go outside when it’s about zero degrees and you need to be heading into twenty-five mile per hour headwinds all day long. Yeah, wow, that is what our day looked like here today in Antarctica. Marty and I agree. It’s probably one of the hardest eight hour workouts we’ve ever had.

Oh, really, it was all about wind today and let me tell you about that wind. So it’s the kind of wind that shakes the tent was such fury it will keep you hiding in bed and not wanting to go out and do it. And It’s the kind of wind you want to turn your back on. But you can’t. You have to just keep going right into it. And it’s the kind of wind you want to yell at and say stop! Enough already! But it won’t hear you And its the kind of wind that sculptures the land that we were crossing today, like and artist gone wild. But, after today, we know what Antarctic, why Antarctica is known as the windiest place on earth. So, quite a day.

I’m going to answer another question. We had a question, said please describe the snow conditions. What does it feel like to pull along the train? Well, there’s been varied conditions over the last eight days. I just described today. Some other days it’s actually been more kinda wet and stick, well not super wet, a little sticky and so you’d be like two or three inches deep where that you’d kinda sink to, sink into, which is a little tough at times. It’s not very hard packed and icy. It’s spotty with that. So yes some years I guess it’s rock hard and so far we have not experienced that.

The second follow up question was how do you feel tire pulling training simulated what you are feeling now? And yeah, the tire pulling has been really great training. I would say some of the days we’ve gone on didn’t feel quite as hard as tire pulling, but it was a still certainly a challenge. But today.(Cut off)

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