The first full day towards the South Pole

Day 2-DSC_2829-smallTeam 3belowzero and their first full day towards the pole.

Hours traveled: 7 hrs and 8.5 miles
Distance to pole: 553 miles
Temperature: 20 F

Translation from voice message: Hello, It’s Chris and Marty calling in from Antarctica. It’s our second day on the ice and this was a big test day for us because we had not had a chance to pull our sleds for a big day yet until today. So we pulled the 220 pound sleds for seven hours and made it eight and a half miles. Which we feel really good about. The snow was a little soft and we know our mileage will start to tick up as we get accustomed to the climate here and the conditions and as our sleds get lighter, as we eat more food.

So it was another clear day, warm at times and windy at times but really nice conditions as far as the weather goes and we really enjoyed seeing that we can pull those sleds and feel strong and we’ll just get stronger each day we know as we continue on our journey. So all is good here.

We are feeling really good mentally and physically and we want to give a little shout out today to some folks. Wanted to thank Lindsey and Ben for taking care of Keenan this week. And also some other folks who’ve been taking care of him while we’re gone, My sister Sue and her husband Frank and the Nunn family. Can’t do, could not have done this journey without them, and some other people that will be taking care of Keenan soon. So, We hope you’re all doing well and we will be sending back pictures that we took here but not today. So, have a great day and will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.


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