Spirits are high.

Day 42-DSC_2908-smallHours traveled: 9
Miles traveled: 12.5
Total miles traveled: 498
Miles to pole: 72
Elevation: 9046 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hi Chris here, Team 3belowzero, Day 42. Yes we have been here for six weeks, my goodness. Well the big news here is that spirits are high here tonight. The sun was shining all day and winds were low. And we made it on to the plateau and were at nine thousand and fifty feet right now. Which, so we’ve been gradually climbing to that for forty two days.

So, the weather was just ideal today. And it just seems like, you know we’ve been moving from being in the middle of a raging ocean of snow waves. So now we are in calm flat snow kinda like water in a harbor. The snow is soft and sticky but we are happy to be past the crazy sastrugi that was pretty rough for us. So we’re sitting in the tent right now and it’s super, just cold outside. And there is absolute silence. This morning there was a circular rainbow around the sun that we had not seen before. So this well may be one of the most beautiful days we have had here. And you know we don’t know what weather Antarctica will dish out for our last seventy two miles. So we will be at the pole in six days. But we are certainly grateful for today.

Day 42-image1So I want to answer a couple of questions from Madeline in Washington, (state). What’s your favorite thing about Antarctica so far? And I would say it is days like today where you can really appreciate the scenery. Where you’re not super focused on freezing so much. Your most, your just mostly really engaged in the environment, which is great.

All right, Jim asked, how far can you see on a clear day? and will you see your destination a day or so before you get to it? Well I’m not exactly sure how far we can see on a clear day but we do you know that we should be able to see the pole about twelve miles, from, before we get there. So, if it’s clear day we may see it from there, before we get there, a day before we get there.

So that’s it for the questions for today. We will try to answer a few more tomorrow. Wanted to give a shout out to all of my women in business friends of mine that are tuning in, following along, and sharing comments. A lot of them have been passed on to us. So thanks and we’ll chat with you tomorrow.

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  • Bev Jorgensen

    Amazing journey continues !!! So happy to see the positive post tonight — could feel your smile and excitement all the way in North Bend… 🙂 Can’t wait for you to reach your final destination — my question is what then? once you are there – how do you get out? will there be an airplane waiting for you? will weather determine when you exit and will you come directly home or in legs..lots of questions 🙂 Number one — keep up the great work and spirit.. All the best – Bev

  • Amy W

    Marty, you inspired me to start running when I worked @ f5 and took me out for some lunch time runs along Elliot bay. When I got tired you said, “let’s walk” then you’d say “now it’s time to run but just to that spot up ahead.” You were always encouraging & positive (but now knowing how hardcore you are, I’m amazed you didn’t laugh at me). I still focus on points ahead (both in life & in running) thanks to you! Your quest is amazing & I’m rooting for you both! I know you two will make it to your goal. Hang in there. Much ❤ from Seattle!

  • Kiersten Murphy

    Beautiful photo. Hope to see more in the coming days. Best wishes for contined good weather!
    Kiersten Murphy (Sean Murphy’s mom)

  • VAN

    72 miles to finish


    from France

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