Day 40 and 41. Making changes to deal with exhaustion.

Day 40-DSC_2897-small Day 41-DSC_2907-small

Day 40
8.5 hrs, 12 miles, elevation 8990, 97 miles to pole

Day 41
8.5 hrs, 12.3 miles, elevation 9022, 84.7 miles to pole

Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s Chris Day 41, Team 3belowzero update. I understand our blog did not go, (google voicemail did not transmit), through for yesterday, Day 40, so I am going to give you a quick update for both days. Sorry about that.

So, really over the last couple days we’ve instigated a couple things to try to help me. I was just so physically exhausted over the past few days that I was trying to figure out a way to get a little extra rest in. And so, what we’ve done is, we’re actually sleeping little bit longer each day and we’re shortening our days to eight and a half hours now instead of, we were trying to push nine and a half to ten hour days to get more miles. And then a couple of days ago Marty took some weight out of my sled. And you know I’m a woman who likes to pull her own weight, no pun intended, but moving some weight to Marty’s sled made sense. And so then today, I took some of that weight back and we’ve been doing this for a couple days now and it seems to be helping.

We’ve made it so we have enough food to go an extra day longer now. So instead of getting done in six days from now we think it will probably take seven. We figure it is probably better not to overdo it, make sure we get there, so that’s our strategy right now. And, you know, it was just great that Marty stepped up and he could take that extra weight. You didn’t complain and it’s just what you do for your team mate. You know, to balance out the ups and downs, you know because we are working towards a common goal to get to the pole.

So my shout out then goes to Marty tonight. Because I want to thank him for his patience and kindness and strength and for being an awesome team mate, husband and father. And he’s looking at me and I love him so much. So that’s it for now. And that’s, Day 40 and 41 and we will back with you tomorrow. Okay, thank you, bye bye.

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