Marty’s lost and found day

Day 5-DSC_2832-smallHours traveled: 8.25
Miles traveled: 11.2
Distance to pole: 520.8 miles

Translation from voicemail: Hi it’s Chris and Marty calling in here from Antarctica. It is day five here Friday, December 6th, and we just got done eating our delicious rehydrated dehydrated beef stroganoff for dinner which was very tasty We’re having a little bit of trouble eating all of our 5400 calories a day. Our bodies are getting used to eating that much food everyday. But we’re getting close to getting through all so I’m sure as the days continue we will be, have no problem eating all that food.

Today was a really nice day here in at Antarctica and we were out for eight hours, or sorry, eight hours and fifteen minutes of pulling our sleds and covered about 11.2 miles so we feel really good about that. I thought I’d tell you a couple little stories from yesterday when it was super-windy. Marty had his water bottle holder, taking his water bottle out of the holder at one of our breaks and the wind completely caught the holder, which is made of a kind of a foam and, it just want rolling, rolling, rolling. Marty went after it on his skis. And just as he would almost have it in his grasp, the wind would blow it more. And that just kept happening probably five times in a row. Marty’s off running, skiing after it. I thought for sure he was going to wipe out. But eventually he smacked it with his ski and got it. I think he was probably maybe thirty or forty yards away. By the time he got it. Anyway, that was pretty funny.

And then he also lost one of his gloves yesterday, his liner gloves. One of the liner gloves went missing in our tent. So he has spare pair and he went off and probably three hours into our skiing I saw it hanging out of the back of his jacket. So luckily it didn’t just fall off and blow away. It was so windy I don’t know how that happened. But we found it. It was kind of Marty’s lost and found day which is kind of funny.

I thought I would answer a few questions tonight as well. We were asked how do you keep your stuff organized in your tent. Well, it is kind of an organized chaos. And then it gets more organized as the evening progresses. But Marty is on the right hand side of the tent and he’s got all the area over there. And I’m on the left hand side. So the tent is about the size of.

This phone call was disconnected near the end. Listen or read the blog called “Day 5 Q&A” for the continued voice message which answers some questions that were asked in the comment section of the blog and Facebook.

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