Unpacking, Repacking and Searching for Nuts

foodHours Traveled: 0
Today’s Mileage: 0
Distance to Pole: 2554
Temperature: High 46F, Low 33F
Altitude: 112 feet

Transcription of voice message:

Hi this is Chris giving a call in from from Punta Arenas, Chile letting you know what we are up to today. If you’ve been following along we spent a full day yesterday in this warehouse doing all kinds of work and today we are spending another day, mostly in the warehouse, doing a bunch of preparation.

Today we are working on hunting down bulk peanuts and all kinds of different nut varieties that we’re going to be having for our lunch snacks. After we got that sorted out we bagged up tons of those for snacks and got all our snack bags ready for 45 days of food. Then we took an excursion to the big Supermercado. How am I saying that? I am not sure if I am saying that correctly.

Note:  Chris’s voice message unexpectedly cut off.  She went on to say that they purchased a grocery cart full of cheese, salami, butter and Pringles (loading up on fatty foods that are high in calories).  Tomorrow Chris and Marty will spend the morning cutting up all of that cheese and salami and  putting it into baggies of daily portions.  Excitement is building as they can’t wait to get onto the ice in Antarctica in a few days!

Listen to the audio version of the Fagan’s dispatch from Punta Arenas, Chile:

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  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    45 days of food…omg I can’t even imagine. You sound so cheerful Chris. Woohoo!

    • Chris Fagan

      Yes, happy to be getting all of these chores done!

  • Anny Packer

    yeah you are really working hard

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