Good day, low light.

Day 12-DSC_2844-smallHours traveled: 9
Miles traveled; 12.5
Total miles traveled: 128.8
Elevation; 3350 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hi, day12, Team 3belowzero checking in. And we had a good day today. We were out nine hours and covered twelve and a half miles. For the first time we had some really low light towards the last few hours of the day where we’re getting cloudy and the contrast started going away so that made it kind of different kind of skiing, no contrast. In fact we picked a tent site that actually is little sloping and we didn’t realize it. So we will be kinda sloping in our sleep tonight.

Day 12 imageI thought I would answer a few questions that I just got today from my friend Laura Mandelkorn in North Bend, Washington. She wanted to know If I am wearing contact lenses and how I keep them from freezing. Yes I am wearing contact lenses and at night I have them in my sleeping bag. I sewed a little pocket in there so they stay warm and no problem.

She also wanted to know If we get sore after constant exercise with no days off. And you know overall we are doing really good there. You know, I think we’re probably more sore from sleeping on the ground for twelve days. But. Yeah, we’re a little tight, but overall we’re doing really good. And finally she wanted to know a couple other questions. Is there a soggy smelly sock (cut off)

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  • Dick Stanton

    Chris, I work with your Dad at Village Self Storage ,and we all are following yours and Marty’s progress. Burrr! Cold! We were wondering where you got your courage and sense of adventure. What drives you and Marty to accomplish such a feat? By the way ,we are praying for you and Marty, for your safety and successful journey. Dick Stanton

  • Chris Fagan

    Dick – Thank you so much for following us!

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