Cold on face, warm on back.

Day 22-DSC_2861-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Distance traveled: 15.3 miles
Total distance traveled: 251.9 miles
Distance to pole: 323 miles
Elevation: 4455 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hello Team 3belowzero, Day 22 and today was a great day for us. After our fun day off yesterday we kinda wrapped up our day yesterday with, let’s see, we listened to This American Life story that was really good. And then we actually watched part of The Blind Side movie on our little iphone. So actually we felt like we were somewhere else for a little bit there, which was kind of fun.

But today, we were out the door in steller time, in an hour and a half, which for us is the fastest ever. We’re on the trail by 7:30. I guess after all that time off. We were able to get moving. It was a hot day, just a little bit of wind, so soft snow today. It was hardly any wind and it was really still and it was one of the few days we didn’t even wear our wind jackets.

Today was a constant, trying to regulate your temperature. You’re cold in your face because wind is coming at you. You’re hot on your back because the sun is on you. So it’s like you’re in two different environments all the time trying to figure that out.

Day 22-image1We had the Thiele mountains to our right all day long and was kinda cool to be able to see them off in the distance. Not at all like the Cascade Mountains. In fact, it felt like we were on the ocean looking over at some islands because they are kind of chunky blocks of mountains, flat tops, low profile, pretty neat to have there.

A couple updates, we recently, I recently finished some audio books, A Captains Duty, which was recently a movie. It was really good. I like at the end how he talks about how we are all stronger than we think we are after he survived the kidnapping and everything. And I agree with that and I think that’s an interesting thing to ponder. And also I just listened to The Help. Which is also good movie. But I love the character development in that one. And all the different women relationships made me miss my women friends.

Today I want to give a shout out to just families who are sharing holiday time together. Two days till Christmas, and we hope you’re with your family now and having some nice time off and able to enjoy each other’s company. I’m enjoying Marty’s company. But we miss our family, wish we were there with them. All right, we will be back at you tomorrow. Thanks, bye.

  • sean duggan

    Merry Christmas Marty and Chris!
    Your adventure is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and the best to both of you.


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