Awaiting Next Flight

almost startingWe were able to capture most of the voice message Marty and Chris left on Saturday, November 30th. They are awaiting their next weather window. They will take a two hour flight to their official starting position for their expedition hopefully tomorrow (Sunday). They do have access to “awesome food” at their current location.

Listen to the Fagan’s voice recording from Antarctica:

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  • Lola the lady up the street

    Wondering what time zone you’re in now? Bottom of the earth has to be funky. Stumped Keenan with this one too… Will you be switching zones as you go, and what will you end up with at the south pole? XOXO

  • Reply

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

  • Vicki Sheskey

    Hi Chris & Marty, Very excited, following along. Love, Mom

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