Layover in Santiago

imageAfter 19 hours of travel and 3 flights, Marty and I are at our temporary base camp for the day, a café in the Santiago airport.  We have 8 hours until our final flight to Punta Arenas.  Yesterday I wished for more time to collect my thoughts; today I have nothing but time.  My bleary eyes at half-mast tell the story of my state of mind.  With 5 hours of sleep the night before we departed, and a few restless hours of sleep on the plane, I’m now running on fumes.

We have free WiFi access, so I’m able to read all of the wonderful emails and Facebook posts we’ve received while traveling. The words of encouragement from our tribe of followers and supporters fill my tank with a sense of connection and belonging.

We talked to Keenan after one of our flights yesterday.  He told us that he got up on his own at 7:00am (on a Sunday!), finished building his new Lego set, wrote a thank-you note to our friend Eric (who gave him the Lego set), and completed his math homework – all before 8:30am.  Later we received a text message and photo showing Keenan playing with his good friend Ryo, a welcome distraction for him on our first day away from home.  We’re confident Keenan is in good hands.

Time to find a quiet corner to nap.  Dreams of Antarctica await.

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  • Kristin Pastoriza

    Hi Chris & Marty! I saw Keenan this morning, he was right in front of us in carpool. He was all smiles. All the best on your last flight today! We are praying for you each day, just in awe of your determination!

    • Chris Fagan

      Thanks so much Kristin! Love hearing that Keenan is all smiles.

  • Lynne

    I recognize that sleepy face from other expeditions Chris. You will refuel. Can’t believe you two are really on your way! Happy waiting day.

  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Oh my…I hadn’t even thought about the ordeal of the flights getting there. Sending you big cyber hugs. Enjoy the ‘relaxation’ 😉

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