Getting Creative While Waiting to Depart

This morning we learned that we are not departing for Antarctica as we are still waiting for our weather window.  So Marty and I decided we would like to show you a little about our life in Punta Arenas.

This short video that we created today shows some highlights of our hotel, favorite restaurants and people of the city.  Thanks for indulging our silliness!

Now to answer a few questions  submitted on our website:

Q:  (from Mac, Alabama) Will you wear the same clothes for the whole hike to the pole?  Do you share a sleeping bag to help stay warm?

A:  We each have a couple different sets of cloths that we will rotate wearing. Yes, they will be a bit smelly when we are done!  We don’t bring extra cloths to save on weight.

A:  We each have our own sleeping bag that is super warm, rated to keep us warm to  50 degrees below zero.  Because the sun never sets during the summer in Antarctica (when we are there), the inside of the tent will be fairly warm due to a bit of a greenhouse effect.

  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Glad to see you having fun and not letting the wait get you down. Thanks for sharing the giggles.

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