A Decade of Ultra Running

Our South Pole journey will require tremendous endurance and mental stamina.  Luckily our ultra running training and experience gives us a good start.

It’s hard to believe that Marty and I have been competing in ultra races for over a decade.  In case you’re not aware, ultra races are over a marathon in length (typically 50k, 50 miles, 60k and 100 miles) and many are held on mountain trails. In 2000 Marty ran his first 100-mile race and I completed my first 50k race.

While I took most of 2001 off when I was pregnant, I was back running four months after my son was born.  Our son Keenan has grown up around ultra running – crewing at races, working at aid stations and learning to love the life of an ultra running family.

We typically complete a few choice races per year. Our 100-mile races have taken us to some of the most beautiful places in the United States (Western States 100, Cascade Crest 100, Arkansas Traveller 100, Boulder 100, Mohican 100, and Susitna 100) and the world (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc and Marathon des Sables).

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