My passion is helping you succeed

I’m passionate about helping you make the most of life. That’s why I’ve poured everything I’ve learned over the last two decades as an accomplished adventurer and an expert in the field of creative thinking into each webinar, online course, and retreat that I offer. All practices, tools and techniques are designed to help you learn and grown and find success.

Specific details about my webinars, courses and retreats are coming soon!

free guide

What adventurous pursuit or life goal are your working towards? Download my free guide, Get Hard Things Done: 7 Tips to Reach Your Next Goal to help you get there faster while keeping life in balance.

Free Webinars

In each webinar, learn simple yet powerful techniques that you can immediately put into practice.

From Fear to Courage:

Is fear keeping you from going after a big goal or challenge? In every major quest that I’ve pursued—traveling solo internationally for four months, growing a business, expeditioning to the South Pole, climbing Denali, writing a book, running 100-mile races, even becoming a parent—I’ve come face-to-face with fear. In this 45-minute webinar, I’ll share simple tips and techniques from my own experience, as well as from research on the psychology of courage, to help you move past fear and harness courage to create a boundless life.

Us Vs. Cancer

Did you know that 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime? Sadly, that means that you or someone you love may be impacted by this relentless disease. When my husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer at age 53, we thought our life was over, especially our adventure life. Now three year later, still arm wrestling cancer, we follow lessons learned through adventures in the wild to help us handle adversity and stay united as a family. Living with an adventurous mindset can positively impact your whole life—even with cancer. In this inspiring 45-minute webinar, my husband joins me in sharing valuable practices that will inspire you to make the most of life.

$10 Webinars

These webinars are packed with some of my best tips, tools and tricks to help you reach hard goals. The small investment (the cost a few cups of coffee) can have a big impact on your ability to reach your next goal.

Start with These Two Foundational Practices for Success

Want to jumpstart the process of going after a big goal? I’ve read the research, talked to experts, and examined my own experiences of successfully starting a business, expeditioning to the South Pole, climbing Denali, and writing a book to identify best practices. In this 45-minute webinar, I’ll go deep into how to put two foundational practices into place to accelerate your path to success.

Women Who Adventure: Reach Your Goals While Staying in Balance

Balancing a love of adventure with personal responsibilities and work is a lifelong endeavor. Do you have something big you’d like to accomplish and want guidance to help you reach the finish line? In this 45-minute webinar, I’ll share a proven framework to streamline the path to any goal, allowing you to stretch and grow while keeping life in balance.

Learn to Problem Solve Like a Pro

On the path to reaching any goal, you are bound to encounter roadblocks and challenges. One key difference between experience success versus setback is your ability to problem solve. In this 45-minute webinar, I’ll teach you a simple and powerful creative problem solving process that will help you breakthrough to success.

Online course

(Coming Soon) The Expeditioner’s Guide to Getting Things Done: A Framework for Reaching your Toughest Life Goals

The word expedition conjures images of weathered captains and their crews voyaging across oceans in search of new lands, or modern-day explorers clutching ice axes on the bitter cold slopes of Mt. Everest. Yet in the broadest sense, an expedition is a journey undertaken for a specific purpose, especially that of exploring unknown territory.

I believe we all partake in life expeditions.

Running a marathon. Writing a book. Adopting a child. These life expeditions are bound to stretch us in unexpected ways, emotionally and physically. Even be downright hard at times.

This comprehensive online course was developed as a guide to help with any tough life expedition. The framework I teach is based on years of research, talking to experts, and deconstructing my own experiences of successfully starting a business, journeying to the South Pole, caring for my aging parents, climbing Denali, writing a book, and more. Like a map and compass, this framework will help you to:

  • Plot a clear path to reach your next destination
  • Move forward with strength and motivation through rainy and foggy days
  • Navigate around challenging obstacles and recalibrate your next move

I can’t wait to share this exciting content with you. Want to be updated when this online course launches?


(Coming Soon) Be Bold and Boundless

Connect with adventure-minded folks who share a desire for bold and boundless lives. Have fun while learning in a relaxed atmosphere. This retreat promises to deliver the tools, techniques and motivation to:

  • Increase your courage and confidence, overcome obstacles, and solve challenges
  • Come alive with energy and passion every day
  • Live adventurously and feel inspired
  • Tap into your innate bold and boundless qualities

I can’t wait to bring you this retreat. Want to be updated when all of the details are available?

what people are saying

  • "Your training provides an amazing approach for bringing fresh ideas to an issue. The process helps you clearly articulate your goals, making the paths to execution crystal clear and so exciting! I'll use this learning over and over again, both personally and professionally!"

    Consumer Insights Manager General Mills
  • "Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and information about expanding our boundaries and challenging our assumptions. I was so enthused by your thoughtful presentation. It’s been 6 months since your training and I continue to be impacted by things that I learned that day. Thank you again!"

    Freelance writer and Author

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